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BIGG Phase 1 Application Form

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Access to Girisimci Rampasi Panel will be made through the "Project Code".

Project Information

In this section, evaluate your ability to find customers and / or compete, gain, export or import in the product or process market that your business idea emerges from, and the ability to scale the business (rapid growth / expansion / development).

This section should clearly state what the innovation includes and at what level (at the international, national or sector level) the innovation is brought..

In this section, please specify the activities about negotiations with potential customers, benchmarking, design, prototype development, modeling, simulation, testing, analysis, measurement and so on you will carry out if you receive TUBITAK TEKNOGIRISIM Capital support

Entrepreneurial Information

It is required that foreign applicants have Turkish Republic Foreign Identity Number and that the program of graduation is approved by Higher Education Council..

In the case of multiple applicants, the name will be considered as the originally entered applicant project manager..

Educational Background of Team Member

Attention! Please upload the CVs of the entrepreneurs in a single file as '.pdf, .doc, .docx or .zip' file. This is not mandatory.